About Us

The founding philosophy of our company has been to focus on�Delivering the best to the customer. With this clearly defined mission we have, since our origin, focused on delivering quality products customized to meet our customer's needs.

With a team dedicated to meeting clients’ needs and a focus on procuring the best quality natural resources, we strive to achieve and maintain international standards. Today, we are recognized as a�Leading Supplier & Exporter of Natural Herbs and Spices from India.


The Herbs and Crops is growing with the mission " To provide the Indian legacy of Herbs and Natural Resources with highest quality standards", which meets the consumer demands in the field of health care, skin care, and agricultural commodities market.

Our short term goal is to provide 100% pure and undiluted Indian herbs to the world, with highest standard to satisfy the global consumer’s requirements.

Further, we tend to provide various Indian spices and other agricultural commodities to serve the vary need of the global market.


The vision at Herbs and Crops says...�“A world of healthy, happy and vital people flourishes”.

Herbs and Crops envision a healthy & happy planet, with focus on providing 100% Pure and Undiluted Indian Herbs. We admire Purity in every Solutions which necessary to make a difference in people’s lives.